photo of 4 kids sitting on a bench smiling and holding out a different sports ball


Worried about your children being left out on the playground?

Concerned that they might not have the necessary skills to thrive on teams or in groups? We’ve got you covered!

We truly believe in our company name: there should always be an emphasis on fun while learning and playing sports. Whether your child is already excelling at a certain sport or wants to try something new, our programs can be customized for any skill level. 
Plus, our coaches teach important lessons to the students who partake in our programs, from perseverance and listening skills to inclusivity and leadership.

Our private sports lessons and group sports classes include:

Self Determination Program

Your Pathway to Enjoyable Activities and Support

Parties & Events

Are you ready to party?!?!  We can provide a variety of themes to cater to your child’s special day!

Other Games and Activities

We do not only specialize in sports but also have a variety of age-appropriate games/activities to choose from.


This program teaches both children and adults how to skateboard at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Bike Riding

This program teaches both children and adults how to ride a bike.

Floor Hockey

Does your child love hockey but getting to the ice might be tough.


Are you trying out for spring ball? Maybe you need a little help with your fielding or hitting skills. We got you covered!

Track and Field

Are you looking to teach your child the rewards of outdoor exercise done in a fun and high energy environment?


We teach proper skills, rules, and team concepts for Lacrosse.

Swim Lessons

We can teach Swim Lessons from beginner to advance!


From beginner to advance, we can help your child feel comfortable playing volleyball.


Dribble, dribble, shoot, shoot! Take that ball to the hoop, hoop!

Fun Fitness

Looking to have your children get fit while enjoying it?

Football Lessons

Interested in learning the sport of football?

Soccer Lessons

Is your child ready to learn more about Soccer?

Parties & Events

In addition to private lessons and group classes, Fun & Sports also put on a massive list of events that are customizable to fit your unique needs and ideas. Dreaming up a themed party for your kid’s birthday? We can do that! Corporate event? We’ve got you covered! School function? Pool party? Bar Mitzvah? Karaoke night with friends? Yup, we do all that too! 

Want to keep your child active, engaged, and always learning? Reach out to our team to learn more about our programs!